Podcast Episode 5: Rice and Resilience Part 2, The Story of Manoomin

Source:  Manoomin, The Story of Wild Rice in Michigan  by Barb Barton

Source: Manoomin, The Story of Wild Rice in Michigan by Barb Barton


Hundreds of years ago, the indiginous American people called the Anishinabek, were visited by several prophets, two of which told them that people with white faces were going to be coming across the ocean and they needed to leave their homeland and travel westward to the place where the food grows upon the water, or risk being destroyed.

So they followed those prophecies, and though it took a few hundred years, they made their way down the Saint Lawrence River and then into the Great Lakes region where they found wild rice. This episode tells the story of the sacred wild rice that grows on the water - Manoomin.

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Watch how Manoomin is cleaned and
sorted by hand

The final step in processing Manoomin (wild rice) is to sort out the broken pieces, "popcorn", and grains still holding hulls from the Manoomin. It is a wonderful time to spend with others sharing stories and laughter. This video was filmed at the 2010 Wild Rice Camp at Lac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Reservation.
Photos and videos courtesy of Barb Barton.

Photos and videos courtesy of Barb Barton.


A very special thank you to our guests:

Barb Barton is an endangered species biologist and Author of Manoomin, the Story of Wild Rice in Michigan.

Wasson Dillard is a teacher, culture-bearer, natural fiber weaver and basketmaker.

Shiloh Maples is the program director for the American Indian Health and Family Services in Detroit and a program manager for food and soverignity wealth initiatives where she promotes traditional dance as a means of physical activity and native foods as a part of a healthy diet.

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