Podcast Episode 1 : A Tale of Two Yogurts


The tale of two yogurts and the fight to protect Goa’s fishing villages and waters, it’s all about preservation. It keeps us alive and teaches how to live.

Our inaugural episode features guests Amrita Gupta of the Food Radio Project, Sana Javeri Kadri of Diaspora Co and food writer and cookbook author Priya Krishna.

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photo by Aubrie Pick, 2018 — from    http://sanajaverikadri.com

photo by Aubrie Pick, 2018 — from http://sanajaverikadri.com

Sana Javeri Kadri

Sana Javeri Kadri is a talented photographer, the owner of Diaspora Co., and friend of Whetstone Magazine. She photographed the gorgeous cover of Whetstone Magazine Volume 003, taking us to the scene of her very first harvest of turmeric.

“So much tumeric had been milled there there that the walls have turned permanently yellow.”

Sana shares her journey in her mission to uproot and decolonize an outdated commodity spice trading system. While Diaspora Co. is focused on revitalizing heritage breeds of turmeric, importantly her mission is to put money, equity, and power into the hands of Indian farmers.

As she says, “In Whetstone style, make sure you know the origins.”
Read more on her founding story in her own words.

Sana reports from Gujurat, India, in her story on Muslim Indian cuisine and culture in Whetstone Magazine Volume 003.

From Goa to California...

The Anchovy Project tells a story that is uniquely Californian

On the San Francisco wharf, there are fish that are local and abundant, but no one is eating them. One chef, our friend Stuart Brioza of Statebird Provisions, has developed a protocol for receiving them just out of the water and is on a mission to encourage his colleagues to eat an abundant, sustainable fish. Watch his special feature and call to action.


Amrita Gupta

Amrita Gupta is a journalist from Bangalore living in the Bay Area. As former food & drink editor at Time Out Bangalore, assistant editor at BBC Good Food India and Julia Child Foundation fellow at Lucky Peach, her work has also appeared in Mint Lounge, Motherland, Food Tank and Heritage Radio Network.

Amrita reports live from the fishing boats on the Goa coast, educating us on how government incentives and policy influence the health of local and global fish stocks. Can we vote with our fork and is changing our choices as consumers enough?


Priya Krishna

Priya Krishna is an Indian-American food writer. She is a regular contributor to several publications including The New York Times, Bon Appétit, and The New Yorker, and is the author of the cookbook, Indian-ish, released in Spring 2019.

In our conversation with Priya we talk growing up POC in Texas, lessons from her (super inspiring) mother and her father’s 30-year-old yogurt.